District Health Department 4

Serving Alpena, Cheboygan, Montmorency
and Presque Isle counties.

Environmental Health

Do you live in a safe and healthy place?

There are many things you can do to make where you live free of harmful things. It is important to keep our environment safe and healthy for the people that live here and our visitors. The Environmental Health section deals with current problems and tries to prevent problems in the future. The following programs stress public safety through prevention, education and problem solving. The authorities for implementation of comprehensive programs are the State of Michigan Public Health Code and the District Health Department Sanitary Code. The Environmental Health Division is staffed by experienced professionals and are committed to maintaining a healthy community and environment.

Rabies Prevention

When animal bites occur, we work with local veterinarians and animal control workers to assure that testing of animals is done and that patients are notified.

Mortgage Evaluations

When buying a home, a request for this review will determine if your drinking water is safe, protected, properly constructed and if the septic system is working properly.

Vacant Land Evaluation

An onsite evaluation of a parcel of land that has never been constructed on is conducted. The findings will determine if a septic system can be constructed properly and safely. Water well records are reviewed and construction requirements are determined.

Restaurant Inspection Licensing

Inspections are conducted at these facilities to assess safe food handling and sanitation levels in an effort to prevent food-borne illnesses.

Air Quality

Asbestos, radon, lead & formaldehyde are some indoor contaminants that are a concern. Laboratory testing information is available.

Septic Waste Haulers

Pumping vehicles and land application sites are reviewed annually to assure proper transportation and disposal of septic tank sludge.

On-Site Sewage Disposal

The design and location of a sewage disposal system is determined prior to construction. A final inspection is conducted to assure proper construction and location has been completed. Permits are required.

Drinking Water Supply (Private)

Do you need a water well for a new home you're building? Does your existing well need to be replaced?
The construction, location, water quantity and quality are determined. The requirements help assure protection of your drinking water. Permits are required.

Michigan's well construction code is based on the public health principle that if a well is properly located, constructed of suitable materials, and pumping equipment is correctly installed, the water system should provide a safe, reliable supply of water. Only a registered well driller or property owner can drill a well. Regardless of who installs the water system, it must comply with all applicable codes.

Area Facilities

Water, septic system and general sanitation are checked at the following places to protect the health of people using them. Campgrounds, Resorts, Beaches, Schools, Day care centers, Swimming pools, Mobile home parks, Foster and childcare homes.
Beach Monitoring
For details on local beaches see: State of Michigan Beach Guard